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Create a custom label

Articles on : Tools and features

What is a label (custom label) and what is it used for ?

You can use labels (or custom labels) to subdivide your products, with the values of your choice. For example, you can use custom labels to indicate that a product is seasonal, on clearance, top selling, etc. You can then select these values to use for monitoring, reporting and bidding purposes in your Shopping campaign.

How to create a label:

First log into your Feedcast account

1 - Go to the label menu

Click on "Label" in the left menu Products and then in the tab "Optimization"

2 - Create a new label

Click on "New dynamic label" to create a new custom label.

3 - Set up your label

Select the type of condition: Brand, product status or product reference.

Contains: allows you to select a single value
Among: allows you to select several values in the same field.

Select the custom label on which to add the information in your product flow (You have 5 labels available by default).

Give a name to your label. For example "Product selection", "Best sellers", "Products on sale" etc.

Once validated, the information will be automatically updated daily.

You have the possibility to modify or delete labels in the labels menu on the action button.

4 - Attach your label

For Google Ads:

[See our article to attach a Google label
For Facebook Ads / Instagram:

You'll need to go to your business manager and access your Facebook catalog to create an item set.
You will then be able to connect your item set to your ad set.

Just like the product feed, the labels are updated once a day.

Updated on: 27/01/2023

Updated on: 21/08/2023

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