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How to take advantage of the €400 advertising budget offered* on Google Ads? The deal

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When you create a Google Ads account with Feedcast, we AUTOMATICALLY allow you to benefit from the Google Ads credit. You don't have to do anything. The exact amount of this credit will depend on several elements.

So how do you benefit of this credit?

First of all, you need to create a new Google Ads account with Feedcast, and spend the equivalent of €400 in the first 60 days of broadcasting.

As soon as you reach the £400 mark on this new account, you will receive a notification that you have unlocked the credit.

This will be applied automatically to your next spend. In short, when you've spent £800 on Google Ads, you've only spent £400!

Good to know !

The credit expires 60 days after having been applied to your account. Use of the offer may be limited to automatic billing payment options.

Credit applies to future advertising costs only. Credit cannot be applied to costs accrued prior to entering the promotional code in your Google Ads account.

Only ONE credit per Google Ads account.

*The promotion amount may vary depending on the currency. Promotional credit of up to USD 500 (varies by country).

Learn more about the eligibility requirements for Google coupons

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