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Presentation of the FeedScore, how is it calculated? Why and how to optimize it?

Articles on : Tools and features

The Feed Score is a score out of 10 allocated to the product feed added in your Feedcast account. Each feed has information related to the products that are analyzed and that allow us to allocate a score judging of the quality of it.

The Feed Score is calculated according to several criteria:
The volume of products without blocking errors on the total of products in the catalog

A higher penalty for products with blocking errors

A lower penalty for products with errors that do not cause the product to be blocked

The interest in making optimizations to increase this score will allow you to transmit more relevant information to the distribution platforms and therefore to the users who will search for your products. A good score reflects the quality and health of your product catalog and allows you to increase your visibility and performance on the networks.
You can optimize your score by following our recommendations and by modifying your product sheets.

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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