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Set a target ROAS for my Google campaign

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The Google Shopping target ROAS is the ratio between the return on investment (ROI) and the total amount spent on your Google Shopping campaign. This represents an estimate of how much you want to get back for every dollar spent on your Google Shopping campaign. The maximum ROAS performance you can achieve depends on several factors, including your industry, level of competition, product quality, ads and other external factors.

To set a target ROAS for your Google campaign, here's how to do it:

1 - Log into your Feedcast account

2- Select your project

3 - Click on the left menu "Ads" and then on the tab "Campaigns" and click on the icon to edit the desired campaign

4 - You will then only have to fill in the desired Target ROAS

Be careful to select only the campaigns where the Target ROAS is available (For example the Max Performances campaigns).

Try to set a Target ROAS based on the historical data of the conversion value/cost ratio of the campaigns you want to apply this strategy to.

Avoid setting the target ROAS too high in relation to the results you have already achieved. This may limit your traffic or negatively impact the performance of your campaign.

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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