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What is a product feed ?

Articles on : Tools and features

The product feed is a hosted file that contains information about the products sold on your site. It requires mandatory attributes such as product title, price, stock status ... and optional attributes such as product description, brand, category, size ...

Several formats are authorized by the different advertising platforms (XML, CSV, XLS, Google Sheet). However, it is recommended to use dynamic formats such as XML in order to retrieve and automatically update the information related to your catalog (price, stock status, new products added, etc.).

The quality of the information contained in the product feed is essential because it is according to the quality of this one that the advertising networks like Google Shopping will decide or not to display your products.

Depending on your CMS (Shopify, Prestashop, Wordpress/Woocommerce, Magento...), modules/extensions are available.

Find our article with the methods of recovery of product feeds

If your site is not managed via a CMS, do not hesitate to come back to the Feedcast team who will guide you on alternative solutions.

As a Feedcast subscriber, we offer to help you via support (email or chat for the recovery of your product feed which will then be analyzed and optimized via our solution).

Updated on : 27/01/2023

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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