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When Google sets up product ads...for free!

Articles on : Google Ads

Nowadays, consumers are moving towards more online sales and causing them to rise. It is therefore essential for brands and companies to be in the right place, where they will find their potential customers are, i.e. on Google. Therefore Google's Shopping tab is becoming the perfect place for merchants to list their items.

Okay, but what exactly is Google shopping free listing?
Well, it's a feature that allows you to promote your products, at no cost, to a wide audience through the Google shopping section.
With an attractive visual, these so-called organic ads improve traffic to your website and also encourage conversion.

But there are still many elements and tips to consider.
So, we tell you everything?

Why set up a free listing on Google?

The main reason for distributing your catalogue on Google is to improve the referencing of your products.
In addition, there is a formidable advantage: Shopping ads are directly in the first position on search engines, hence the importance of being there. The proof is in the numbers: 65% of clicks on Google ads come from Google Shopping ads. Not insignificant, is it?

With such a positioning, Google Shopping Free Listing ads are more likely to be seen by prospects. In addition, Google Shopping Free Listing ads are based on what is known as "intent-based", which refines and makes the consumer's search more relevant. Thus, intent-based ads appear when the user is actively searching for a particular product, service or brand.

With millions of Google users viewing free listings every day, this information is enough to convince you to get started.

But what are the differences between paid shopping ads and free listing products?

The screen is from another article. I thought maybe we could create your fun screen via a feedcast example?

Previously, the Shopping tab only included paid ads. Later on, these famous organic (and free) ads appeared and are now available in the search results of a large number of countries.

What are the remarkable differences between these two types of ads?

Here they are:

Unlike Google Shopping Ads, the free option offers less control, although it is a real source of visibility. Indeed, paid ads offer many tools that can be used to optimise performance.
So, logically, free ads cannot replace paid ads. But again, they can help small businesses that lack the means to invest in a campaign and thus access a very popular buying space.
Consequently, free listings can be a real advertising complement for those who already use paid ads.

However :
One objective remains common to both free product listings and paid shopping ads: to attract customers to your website. It is up to you to analyse whether it is relevant and beneficial to combine these two tools in order to, ultimately, potentially evolve and optimise your digital activity.

How to set up a free listing?

If you are now convinced to include free listing in your strategy, it is time for us to give you some recommendations in order to maximise the results that will result from it.

Here is a summary of our advice:

Provide as much information as possible about your products (size, price, type, detailed title...) in order to increase the value of your ad and make it as qualitative as possible. All this data is fundamental for Google's algorithm which will know when and where to display your offers ideally. This option is certainly costless, but it does require a certain amount of effort, including the improvement of the product flow with regard to content and SEO.

This means that the information you enter and your e-shop must be detailed and, above all, up to date.

Make sure you choose high quality images and visuals that comply with Google Merchant Center requirements.

Make sure your product titles are sufficiently descriptive. Consumers don't stop at vague and imprecise titles.

Keep in mind the keywords that relate to your product and those that your prospects could potentially type into Google. Include them in your titles and descriptions. Then do your own research with these keywords to confirm your assumptions about how future buyers might search for your items.

As far as the product type attribute is concerned, optimise it with at least 3 levels if possible.

So, you will no doubt have understood, but the interest in working well on the quality of your feed allows you to improve the impact of the free listing and even of the paid advertisements that you will possibly set up. As a result, you will intrinsically be able to have your catalogue validated by Google, which is literally essential for campaigns. But it will also be possible to improve the quality of your feed, resolve feed errors, get an optimization score...and more!

That's where Feedcast comes in! Because with us you can broadcast up to 1000 products on Google shopping and Feedcast shopping for free. This will enable you to understand free listing, to have sufficient hindsight on its effectiveness and to visualise the impact it will have on your shop.

So don't hesitate to sign up for a free trial Feedcast and set up your free listing campaigns! 🙂

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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