Articles on: Meta (Facebook, Instagram etc.)

Where my ads are likely to be displayed on Meta

Articles on : Meta (Facebook, Instagram etc.)

On Meta, your ads are mainly displayed on the following locations:

Facebook News Feed and Instragram: Your ads appear in the feed on the computer when users access the Facebook website from their computer. Your ads will appear in the Mobile Feed when users use the Facebook or Instragram application on their mobile devices or access the website from a mobile browser.
Facebook Marketplace: Your ads will appear on the Marketplace homepage or when people visit Marketplace from the Facebook app. Learn more about ads in Marketplace.
Facebook Right Column: Your ads will appear in the right column on Facebook. Only people who are viewing Facebook from their computers can see the ads in the right column.
Facebook, Instagram and Messenger Stories
Facebook, Instagram and Messenger Reels

Other locations can also be targeted, depending on how the targeting on Meta evolves.

Here are a few ad previews:

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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