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Where my ads are likely to be displayed on Meta

On Meta, your ads can be displayed in many different locations.

0where are my ads mainly displayed?

The main locations include

Facebook News Feed and Instragram: your ads appear in the Computer Feed when users access the Facebook website from their computer. Your ads appear in the feed on mobile when users use the Facebook or Instragram application on their mobile devices or access the website from a mobile browser.

Facebook Marketplace: your ads appear on the Marketplace home page or when users access Marketplace from the Facebook application. Learn more about ads in Marketplace.
Facebook right-hand column: your ads appear in the Facebook right-hand column. Only people visiting Facebook from their computer can see the ads displayed in the right-hand column.

Facebook, Instagram and Messenger Stories: Your ads can appear between Stories. As a reminder, Stories are ephemeral content formats that disappear after 24 hours. They allow users to share moments from their daily lives in the form of photos or short videos.

Facebook, Instagram and Messenger Reels: Reels are often used to create trending content, such as dances, jokes, challenges, or to show off special talents. They're a way for users to get creative and reach a wider audience.

Other locations can also be targeted, depending in particular on the evolution of targeting on Meta.

Here are a few ad previews:

Preview Facebook Ads

If you don't see your ad, it's probably normal. In fact, distribution is based on campaign criteria and parameters, which may explain why you're not included in the targeted audience. There may also be other reasons, such as a limited budget or a low bid.

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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