Common Causes of Suspension and How to Prevent Them

Businesses using Google Merchant Center for promoting and selling their products online must be vigilant to avoid a potentially devastating suspension of their account. This article aims to shed light on common causes of suspension and provide practical strategies for prevention.

Common Causes of Suspension and How to Prevent Them

Complying with Google's Guidelines:

Suspensions often occur due to violations of Google's standards. It is crucial to adhere to the guidelines regarding advertising, pricing, and allowed products.

Ensuring Data Accuracy:

Incorrect or incomplete product information can cause problems. It is imperative to ensure the accuracy of details such as prices and availability.

Website Reliability:

A malfunctioning, slow, or insecure website can lead to issues. It is important to ensure your site's proper functionality and security.

Rigorous Billing Management:

Complications related to billing, such as declined payments or outdated information, are common causes of suspension.

Caution with Account Changes:

Significant and sudden changes in account information can alert Google. It is advised to proceed with these changes cautiously.

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Account

Understanding Google's Policies:
It is essential to understand and respect Google's rules.

Monitoring and Updating Product Data:

Perform regular checks to ensure the information about your products is up-to-date.

Website Optimization:

Ensure the performance and security of your site.

Billing Monitoring:

Keep an eye on your payment methods and billing information.

Thoughtful Management of Account Changes:

Be meticulous when updating account information.

Accuracy of Business Information:

Ensure that your business details are correct.

Make sure that return policies, terms and conditions, and contact information are clearly indicated.

Aligning Delivery and Return Policies:

The information on your site should match that in your Merchant Center.

Verifying Business Address:

Ensure that your business address is accurate and unique.

Special Attention for Dropshipping: Google particularly monitors dropshipping sites. It is recommended to check delivery times, use unique product images, monitor promotions, and use Google-certified customer reviews.

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Although a Merchant Center account suspension can be a major challenge, it is generally avoidable. By following these recommendations, you can keep your account active and continue to sell your products online effectively.

Updated on: 11/01/2024

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