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Main error messages from Google Merchant Center

Where are Google Merchant Center error messages in Feedcast?

You can find error messages directly from the Optimization tab, present in the Products page.

Products Errors

Most common errors

Incorrect value [identifier exists]

Incorrect value: identifier exists.
This item has a unique international identifier. Submit a valid GTIN code.

Violation of Google policies

Refusal of articles for non-compliance with regulations
Request a manual review.

Invalid value [gtin]

Invalid value: GTIN code.
Add the globally valid GTIN code for your product?

Missing value [description]

Add a description to improve the data quality of your product.

Missing potentially required value [unit pricing measure]

Add the unit price measure attribute [unit_pricing_measure] to comply with the regulations in force in this country.

Limited performance due to missing value [gtin]

Add your GTIN code.

Automatic item updates active [availability]

No action is required on your part.

Automatic item updates active [price]

No action is required on your part. These products may now be priced as shown on your landing page if the products have been updated.

Add a higher quality image.

Incorrect language

Specify a content language accepted in the target country.

Unavailable desktop landing page

Add a redirect page for a valid computer.

Unavailable mobile landing page

Add a valid mobile redirect page.

Add a valid image without an overlay element.

Desktop page not crawlable due to robots.txt

Update your robots.txt file to allow the "Googlebot" and "Googlebot-Image" user-agents to crawl your site

Excessive capitalization [title]

Remove excessive capital letters.

Limited performance due to missing identifiers [gtin, mpn, brand]

Add a brand and GTIN code or manufacturer reference. This identifier uniquely defines your product and helps better match search queries with your offers.

Missing value [size]

Add the size to your products if it is suitable for it.

Missing value [age_group]

Add the age range to your products if it is appropriate for them.

Missing potentially required value [energy efficiency class]

Missing energy class attribute. This attribute is required for certain products in countries where regulations require it
Add the “energy class” attribute of your devices.

Invalid characters [descriptions]

Please correct the descriptions of the affected products.

Ambiguous value [gtin]

Specify a GTIN code outside the restricted range (prefixes 02, 04, or 2).

Invalid value [ads redirect]

Use the correct ad redirect attribute [ads_redirect] to specify additional landing page parameters on the product page you want to use for your Shopping ads.

Missing category [category]

Add a description to improve the data quality of your product.

Limited performance due to missing value [brand]

Limited performance due to missing value: mark
Add your product brand.

Value not allowed due to restrictions: GTIN code [gtin]

Specify an unrestricted GTIN (GS1 has not yet authorized the use of the current value).,attribute%20code%20GTIN%20%5Bgtin%5D %20.

Invalid UTF-8 encoding [description]

Use UTF-8 encoding for text and avoid double encoding. Google Merchant Center supports UTF-8, UTF-16, Latin-1 and ASCII encodings.

Incorrect identifier [gtin]

Use the correct identifier for this product (You must only use the GTIN code provided by the manufacturer for all products)., this%2C%20for%20all %20the%20products.

The list is subject to change based on updates made by Google to its system elements.

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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