Articles on: Google Merchant Center

How to manage Adult restrictions on Google Shopping

Articles on : Google Merchant Center

In this article we will examine the reasons and solutions related to the categorisation of your account and its products as Adult Content on the Google Merchant Center.

When submitting your product feed, Google reviews and limits the promotion of the following types of adult content:

- Adult articles
- Sexual content
- Images showing nude body parts and general nudity
- Articles that promote violence
- Items that are dangerous or can be used for harmful purposes

When promoting adult content, the following practices are prohibited

- Breaking laws and regulations in the geographical area you are targeting;
- Targeting minors;
- promoting sexually explicit content;
- Promoting content associated with non-consensual sexual themes or involving minors, including images of sexual abuse of children/minors;
- promote services that could be construed as offering sexual acts in exchange for money or other consideration.

If you receive an error message in your Google Merchant Center that echoes any of the above, there are several options:

- Review the taxonomy associated with your product
- Revise your product listing to dissociate it from these product categories
- Change the images of your product or your catalogue to have them validated
- Call on Google to request a thorough review of your products if the restriction is abusive

If necessary, your account can be given a special status:
- Go to your Google Merchant Center
- Go to "Settings" and "Account Settings
- Unfold "Adult Content" and check the box

This categorisation will now target audiences on Google beyond the age restriction filter.

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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