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Best practices for optimizing asset groups on Performance Max

Everything You Need to Know About Max Performance Asset Groups 🚀

An asset group might seem complicated, but it's not at all! In reality, it's simply the collection of all the texts, images, and videos you use in your Max Performance campaigns. Here's what it looks like:

Asset Group Performance Max

Why Is It So Important? 🤔

Asset groups play a crucial role in boosting the efficiency of your advertising campaigns. They allow you to group different types of elements to create ads that will captivate your target audience.

Here are some tips to optimize all this! 🌟

Optimization Tips

1 - Be Comprehensive in Your Assets

When creating your asset groups on Performance Max, make sure to cover all available asset types: text, images, and videos. Each of these elements offers a unique opportunity to catch the attention of your audience. Use catchy texts, attractive images, and engaging videos to maximize your chances of captivating and converting users.

2 - Adhere to Quality Standards

The quality of your assets is an essential factor for the success of your Max Performance campaigns. Ensure that your elements meet the quality standards set by Google Ads, especially in terms of relevance, clarity, and compliance with advertising policies. Well-written text, high-quality images, and well-produced videos are guarantees of positive reception among your audience and superior advertising performance.

3 - Test Different Asset Variants

To find the best creation, don't hesitate to create asset variants. Experiment with different combinations of titles, descriptions, images, and videos to discover what works best for your audience. Performance Max offers the flexibility to add up to five titles, four descriptions, as well as images and videos in various formats. By testing different variants, you can find the winning combinations that produce the best results.

4 - Maximize the Number of Assets

Take full advantage of Performance Max's flexibility by adding as many assets as possible to your groups. You can include up to five titles, four descriptions, images in different orientations, and videos. The more options you provide, the greater your chances of discovering the most effective combinations for your target audience. Experiment with different messages, visuals, and formats to achieve your advertising objectives.

When adding images, make sure to adhere to the size and proportion recommendations so that your ads display perfectly on all devices and advertising channels:

Logo square format: 1200 x 1200
Landscape logo (optional): 1200 x 1300

Landscape Mode Image (1.91:1)
Recommended size: 1,200 x 628
Minimum size: 600 x 314

Square Image (1:1)
Recommended size: 1,200 x 1,200
Minimum size: 300 x 300

Portrait Mode Image (4:5) [optional]
Recommended size: 960 x 1,200
Minimum size: 480 x 600

In summary, optimizing asset groups on Performance Max is essential to maximize the performance of your advertising campaigns. Follow these best practices to achieve maximum relevance, increased attractiveness, and optimal advertising performance.

Don't forget to explore Performance Max's additional features and to consult the resources available in the Feedcast help center to get the most out of your campaigns. 🚀

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Updated on: 08/02/2024

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