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Why aren't my ads being shown?

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You have no impressions on your campaign, you are looking for your ad everywhere, but can't find it despite your numerous attempts?

If your ads are not running, consider the common reasons and solutions to remedy the problem:

Limited budget: it may be that your daily budget has been reached and as a result your ads are no longer running.

Campaign status: this makes sense but make sure your campaign is active
Payment method: Check that you have added or have an updated payment method on your ad account. This is also the account on which your Feedcast subscription was set up to avoid cuts.

Account suspension: Your account may have been suspended on the relevant network. For Google Ads, see our article on the main account suspensions.

Bidding strategy: This may be related to a too limited target on your bidding strategy (CPC max too low, target ROAS too high...). Please adjust it to check if the delivery resumes. On automated campaign formats, bids are managed automatically and your ads may not appear all the time in order to optimise your performance and your chances of converting according to the defined target.

Campaign under review: When a campaign is launched, the campaign and/or ads may be under review. Please be patient, as it should take a few days for the ads to start running (usually 2-3 working days).

Campaign status: This seems logical but check that your campaign is active and that it is well configured (geographical targeting, etc.).

Product catalogue status: Your product catalogue must be validated in order to be able to broadcast. For Google for example, remember to check that your Google Merchant Center account is suspended and that certain products are not refused. See our article on the suspension of Merchant Center accounts.

Product selection too limited: If you have defined a product selection, you should check if this selection is well set up or that the targeted products are well optimised. It is also possible that your product selection is too limited or that the products are too niche and do not have enough associated searches.

This list is of course not exhaustive, there may be other reasons why your ads are not being shown. It is also possible that several reasons are linked to the non diffusion of your ads.

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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