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How to analyse general campaign performance

Analysing the performance of your Google Shopping Ads campaigns can be a complex and time consuming process. However, understanding how your campaigns are performing is essential to improving their performance.

Steps to help you analyse your campaigns

Set goals and key performance indicators (KPIs): Before you can start analysing the performance of your campaigns, you need to set goals and KPIs to measure their performance. Your KPIs could include measures such as conversion rate, cost per conversion and return on investment (ROI)... See our explanatory article on key performance indicators

Analyse your data: Once you have defined your goals and KPIs, you can analyse your campaign data to see how it compares to your goals.

In Feedcast, you have:

A summary table of the overall performance of the account (all connected levers combined)
A detail of the campaigns of the connected accounts (Go to the menu Ads > Campaigns)
For each report, you can select the desired analysis period (selector at the top right of the screen)

Use the product reports: Once you have analysed the general performance of your campaigns, consider going into more depth by using for example the product reports (available for Google campaigns). These reports allow you to analyse the results generated for each product. (Go to the menu Performance > Google Products)

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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