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Displaying product reviews on Shopping ads

When shopping online, shoppers very often rely on ratings and reviews left on a product before deciding to buy. Reviews usually appear on items in Google Shopping and on shopping ads, so much so that if an ad doesn't contain a review, it often appears incomplete or less convincing when next to ads with reviews.

Product reviews on Google Shopping: how does it work?

The Product Reviews program enables you to display reviews of your products when customers shop on Google. These reviews appear in ads and on free product sheets as stars ranging from 1 to 5, representing the rating given to the product by Internet users. Next to the rating is the total number of product reviews.

Ratings and reviews help and guide Internet users in their search and facilitate their decision-making. They also make it easier to attract qualified buyers to product pages.

Ratings are calculated on the basis of all ratings awarded and/or collected from various sources, including merchants, review aggregators, review sites and Google users.

Add product reviews to your ads

In order to participate in the product review program, you must have received at least 50 reviews on all your products.

Then you need to collect the reviews, either through an approved or third-party review aggregator that will handle the delivery of the reviews, or through your own online store.

If you use an approved review aggregator, it will be able to send the reviews itself. You can also display Google reviews with the Feedcast solution via these Google-approved review solutions.

If you're using a third-party review aggregator, or if you'd like to send out your own reviews, you'll need to sign up for the product review program and regularly send out your product reviews via the Merchant Center. To do this, simply link your Merchant Center account to your website.

The GTIN code, crucial for displaying product reviews on Google Shopping

Ratings and reviews are associated with your products according to a number of criteria, the most important of which is the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) product code. This code is unique and international, and clearly identifies your product. Its uniqueness makes it easier for Google to associate product reviews and ratings with the product to which they refer. If this code is not provided, then Google will try to associate reviews on the basis of other information such as the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) code, brand, manufacturer reference or product URL.

However, this information is generally less precise than a GTIN code, and without a GTIN, Google may not be able to associate all reviews with their corresponding product. In addition, Google only displays the rating when it considers the information to be both accurate and relevant to customers.

The following independent review sites are listed by Google:
Bizrate Insights
Feedback Company
Shopper Approved
Trusted Shops
Verified Reviews

Integrate your product review feed

Once you've collected the reviews, you'll need to fill in a form to sign up for product reviews. Once accepted, you need to submit your product reviews to Google Shopping.

If the review feed originates from your site, you can upload it via your Google Merchant Center account. If you use a third-party aggregator (listed above), you don't need to download it yourself, but Google will retrieve it directly.

Managing your Shopping account, your reviews and your various other distribution channels can sometimes be a real headache, especially with the multiplicity of your Google, Facebook and other accounts. That's why Feedcast has developed an innovative solution to help you manage all your campaigns from a single platform. You can also import all the data you need to manage or create your campaigns, and follow the platform's recommendations to help you optimize your campaigns. Don't wait any longer! And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our Experts, who will be delighted to advise you.

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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