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Suspended Google Ads account: what to do?

Red alert! 🚨 You've just received the fateful email from Google that your Google Ads account has been suspended. What does this mean? What does it mean? And most importantly, how do I lift the suspension on my account? We explain it all to you!

My Google Ads account is suspended: what is going on?

There are many reasons for the suspension of a Google Ads account. We will see in this article the main causes. But first of all, what happens when your account is suspended? You can still access your account and its reports. However, Google no longer allows you to distribute your campaigns and prevents you from creating new ones.

In addition, if your Google Ads account is associated with your Merchant Center account, the latter will also be suspended. If the suspension of a Google Ads account does not happen every day, you should know that it is not a rare event, either.

Reasons for suspension of a Google Ads account

There are many reasons that can lead to the suspension of a Google Ads account. Very often, it is a matter of non-compliance with the Google Ads Policy or the Google Ads Terms of Service. However, there are also other reasons for a suspension. For example, if Google notices that you do not meet the minimum age requirements (18 for a Google Ads account), it reserves the right to suspend your account.

Another very common reason is related to billing and payment issues. If Google finds that promotional codes are being misused on your account, that you've refused a legitimate payment for a Google Ads balance, that suspicious activity has occurred, or that one or more balances have gone unpaid, then Google may suspend your account.

In addition, Google monitors ad content very carefully. The aim is to avoid ads with prohibited content such as counterfeit or illegal items. The same applies to content deemed "inappropriate", such as content that incites hatred, violence or discrimination.

Your ads must be relevant. If Google finds that you are running ads promoting malware or offering services that encourage dishonest behaviour, you are breaking their rules and Google will let you know very quickly.

Finally, Google is also watching your pen. All Google ads must meet specific editorial requirements. So you need to make sure your ads are clear and lead the user to relevant content.

If any of these rules are broken, Google will send you a warning email with the nature of the problem and the time you have to fix it. If Google detects a serious violation (e.g., illegal activity), then your account will be suspended immediately.

How do I lift the suspension of my account?

In order to lift the suspension of Google, you must comply. Be aware that creating a new account completely identical is a waste of time since it will be permanently suspended. As a first step, you can read the email that Google sent you to identify the problematic points.

You can also consult Google support about this or ask our experts who can advise you and provide detailed documentation of the most common solutions to fix the problem.

Suspension for payment problems

If the suspension of your account is related to a payment problem, start by checking your payments and sorting out those you have not made. It is also advisable to contact your bank to check that there is no suspicious activity on your account. Finally, if you change your payment method, don't forget to tell Google.

Suspension due to ads being rejected by Google

If your ads are rejected by Google, you can first go to your Google Account and select the Ads tab to access the status of your ads. Then click on the rejected ads dialogue box to see one of the possible reasons.

By clicking on the pencil icon, you can edit your ad and bring it back into compliance with Google's policies before saving it.

However, if you feel that Google has made a mistake (yes, it does happen!) you can appeal by filling in a form. Google will then review your account. A response will be sent back to you within a few days or weeks (on average two weeks). If you do not receive a response or your account is not reactivated, your appeal request has not been accepted and you will have to resolve the issue yourself.

Google will also review your account once the deadline you received by email has been reached. If the changes you have made by then are deemed satisfactory, the suspension will be lifted and you will be able to use your Google Ads account as normal, otherwise it will remain suspended.

Understanding the reasons for suspension of a Google Ads account is not always easy and the warning emails are sometimes a little too cryptic. At Feedcast, we offer our expertise and advice to help you understand the reasons for suspension and how to remove it, with detailed documentation and support to help you through the process.

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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