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Microsoft Advertising Advertiser Identity Verification

At, we recognize the importance of verifying the identity of advertisers to ensure a secure and reliable user experience. Microsoft Advertising mandates this verification to assure that customers view ads from verified sources, enhancing the overall experience. This guide assists you in navigating the verification process for your advertising campaigns.

A. Understanding the Identity Verification Process in Microsoft Advertising

Verification Notification: Microsoft Advertising will send you an email and an in-product notification for identity verification for one or more of your accounts.
Documentation Requirements: You will need to provide necessary documents to verify the name and location of your business.
Review Timeframe: The review process may take 3-5 business days. Unverified accounts may stop displaying ads in the European Economic Area (EEA).

B. Preparing for Verification

Eligible Applicants: Super Admins and Standard Users linked to the account owner or an authorized managing partner can apply for verification.
Selective Verification: Only complete identity verification for the accounts specifically notified by Microsoft Advertising.
Individual and Business Verification: Depending on your situation, you can opt to verify as a business, an individual, or both.

C. Steps for Verification

For Businesses:
Account Access: Select your profile on any Microsoft Advertising page and choose the notified account.
Initiate Verification: From the top menu, select 'Tools > Preferences > Verifications', then 'Become a verified advertiser'.
Document Submission: Provide the necessary documents, including the business tax ID and business-related documents.

For Individuals:

Access and Selection: Follow the same initial steps as for business verification.
Personal Documentation: Submit valid personal identification and a recent photo of yourself.

D. Key Tips

Information Consistency: Ensure the information in your account matches the submitted documents.
Verification Code: Request additional verification codes if needed for email verification.
Document Formats: Use screenshots of original documents for verification purposes.

E. In Case of Issues

Verification Appeals: If your request is rejected, you can appeal by visiting 'Advertiser identity verification appeals' or contacting Microsoft Advertising Support.
Verification Status: To track your request progress, check the 'Identity verification status' in your account.

To access detailed guidance and support for advertiser identity verification and other related queries, please visit the following link: Help Link

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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