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Access management on Google Ads

Articles on : Google Ads

Here are the steps to grant access to your Google Ads account:

1 - Log in to Google Ads.

2 - Click on the Tools and Settings icon in the upper right corner, then select Access and Security in the "Configuration" section.

3 - Click on the More icon.

4 - Select an access level for your guest, then enter their email address.

5 - Click Send invitation.

5 - When the person accepts your e-mail invitation, you will receive a notification in your account. If you need to revoke your invitation, click Revoke in the "Actions" column.

See the [Google Help Center] ( for more details.

When you create a new account via Feedcast, you will automatically receive an email to log in to the email address you entered.

Updated on: 27/01/2023

Updated on: 03/03/2023

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