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How to analyse the performance of your products on Google Shopping

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To analyse the performance of your products on Google Shopping, you will need to check the number of impressions, the click rate, the conversion rate, the sales, the turnover generated for each product.

Indicators such as ROI, CPA are interesting to know the profitability and the price to pay for each order. Here is an article on the main performance indicators

In general, the priority is to analyse:

Analyse the products generating the most sales or turnover

Analyse products with high returns on investment

Identify the products that spend the most without generating sales

Identify the highest spending products with high CPA or low or no ROI

Identify products that get a lot of impressions with a low click-through rate

After performing this analysis, you can:

Target only or in a separate campaign the best performing products (ROI, sales, CPA, margin...) and allocate them a dedicated budget.

Target only the poor performing products in a separate campaign and allocate a dedicated budget to them.

Exclude products that spend but do not generate sales or are unprofitable.

Set a target ROAS for campaigns with sufficient history and sales.

Optimise products with low circulation by working on their titles, descriptions, etc. See our tips for optimising your product data

To broadcast only on certain products, you can create custom labels. Learn more about creating labels with Feedcast

Be careful:

Do not target the same products in different campaigns

Do not broadcast on products with low quality titles and descriptions

Do not broadcast on products that are not suitable (e.g. gift cards, products with too little value, etc.)

Make sure that conversions are functional (sales, turnover)

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Updated on: 01/06/2023

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