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What is the GTIN? How do I retrieve it?

Product identifiers are essential to ensure data accuracy, product traceability and operational efficiency. One of the most important identifiers is the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number). This article aims to explain what the GTIN is, why it's important, and how it integrates with other identification standards such as EAN and MPN.

What is the GTIN?

GTIN, or Global Trade Item Number, is an international standard used to uniquely identify products and services sold, stored or traded worldwide. Managed by GS1, an international standards organization, the GTIN standardizes product identification across supply chains and e-commerce platforms.

Why is the GTIN important?

Traceability: The GTIN facilitates product traceability throughout the supply chain, from production to distribution and retail.
Efficiency: It enables more efficient inventory management, reducing errors in product tracking.
E-commerce: On online platforms, the GTIN helps to create accurate product sheets and makes it easier for consumers to search and compare products.

The different types of GTIN

EAN (European Article Number): Also known as the International Article Number, this 13-digit number is widely used in retail outside North America.
UPC (Universal Product Code): Used mainly in North America, the UPC is a 12-digit bar code.
ISBN (International Standard Book Number): Used for books, the ISBN may vary in length but is integrated into the GTIN system.
ITF-14: A 14-digit GTIN, often used to identify bulk shipping units or crates.

**Other product identifiers**: EAN and MPN

EAN: As mentioned, the EAN is part of the GTIN family and is crucial to international trade. It ensures that products can be uniquely identified worldwide.

MPN (Manufacturer Part Number): The MPN is an identifier assigned to a product by the manufacturer. Although the MPN is unique to each manufacturer, it does not offer the universality of the GTIN. MPNs are useful for distinguishing variants of a product within the same brand or company.

How to obtain a GTIN for your products?

To obtain GTINs for your products, you must become a GS1 member in your country. GS1 provides global company numbers (GS1 Company Prefix) that allow you to generate unique GTINs for your products. It is important to follow GS1 guidelines to ensure the uniqueness and conformity of your product identifiers.

To check that your GTIN is valid, you can use the GS1org check digit calculator.

It is strongly recommended that you contact the manufacturer to obtain the GTIN. Once you've obtained the information, you can validate the GTIN using GS1org's check digit calculator. Once you are sure you have the right GTIN, update the feed with the correct value and it will update on the corresponding platform (Google Merchant Center, Microsoft Merchant Center etc.).

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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