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Create a Google Performance Max campaign

Congratulations, you've completed all the necessary steps! You've connected your product catalog, set up your advertising account, and activated free distribution. 🚀

Now you can launch your Performance Max campaign on Google. Before doing so, please consult our article on this type of campaign.

How do I create a Performance Max campaign?

To create a campaign, go to the Campaign page, and click on the Create a campaign button:

Create campaign

You will be redirected to a new page where you can choose the type of campaign that best suits your objectives.

Select the "Performance Max" campaign type

Choose campaign type

Once selected, you'll be asked to enter :
The name of your campaign: for example, "Feedcast - Performance Max - All products" if you're targeting your entire catalog.
Your daily budget: choose the maximum amount you wish to invest per day. The budget can be modified at any time.
ROAS Target: this is the target return on investment you give Google to achieve your objectives. When creating a new campaign, don't fill it in because you don't yet have a sales history. Learn more about ROAS
Choose the products to target: either by default targeting all the products in your catalog, or by filtering according to several criteria (references, brand, product type, personalized labels). Learn more about how to create a label
Select the country and language of your choice.
Finally, add your creative assets: your logo, your images in square or rectangle format, your Youtube videos (optional) and your titles and descriptions.

Please remember to respect the required image formats and complete all mandatory fields.

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Updated on: 23/02/2024

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