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Custom labels - How to create a label

What is a label (or custom label) and what does it do? 🏷️

Labels (or customized labels) are like the tags you stick on your products to group them according to criteria you define. This way, you can categorize your star products, those on clearance, or even seasonal products, among other examples. These labels then become your allies in segmenting your advertising campaigns.

How to access your labels? 🧭

It's so easy! From the main menu, click on the Products page, then on the Optimization tab.

To create a brand-new label, click on the button provided. To modify an existing label, simply click on its name.

Note: To create a label, you must already have products in Feedcast!

Labels personnalisés


Your label is part of a label set. There are 5 label sets available, called Labels 1 - 5, each of which can contain an almost infinite number of labels. Choose a set, then enter a name (for example, "Winter Sales" or "Promos 2023").


Filters let you define which products will be included in your label.

Three attributes are available: Product reference, Brand, State.
Two conditions: Is equal to, Among, which allow you to specify whether the filter should check the complete condition, or only one of the indicated values.
Finally, specify the value to be checked by the attribute and the chosen condition.

Labels are dynamic: if one of your filters has the Brand attribute and a new product of this brand is added to your feed, it will automatically be included in the label!

Using your label 🚀

For Google Ads: See our guide on adding labels to Google Ads
For Facebook Ads / Instagram: Go to Business Manager, access your Facebook catalog to create a set of items. Then link this set of items to your set of ads.|

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Updated on: 08/02/2024

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