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How to display sale price annotations on Google Shopping ads

Drawing attention to your products is essential for standing out and boosting sales. To this end, Google provides the ability to highlight discounted prices with sale price annotations. By visually showcasing your promotions, you can encourage potential customers to realize significant savings, thereby improving the performance of your ads and free listings. This article guides you through how sale price annotations work and how you can make the most of them.

How Does It Work?

To use this feature, start by setting the original price of your product using the mandatory attribute price [price]. When you offer a product on sale, indicate the new price with the optional attribute sale price [sale_price]. It's important to continue to provide the original price via the price attribute [price], even during the promotional period.

Display of Annotations

When the sale price and the original price meet certain conditions, your product is displayed with both prices: the sale price as the current price and the original price crossed out. A badge highlighting the discount is also displayed, with specific colors depending on the location of the ad. This allows your promotions to stand out visually and catch the attention of customers.

Required Conditions

To benefit from sale price annotations, several criteria must be met:

The original price must be valid.
The sale price must be lower than the original price.
The discount must be between 5% and 90%.

Note that even if these conditions are met, the display of annotations is not guaranteed. The goal is to ensure that the most effective promotions are highlighted.

For in-store product ads, the price listed in the main feed must match the in-store price in the inventory feed.

Sale price annotations are available on both mobile and desktop.

Google regularly checks the sale price on your site to ensure the display of relevant and quality annotations.
In addition to the sale price attribute [sale_price], promotions represent a complementary feature that allows merchants to promote their special offers in various ways.

Sale price annotations offer a remarkable opportunity to promote your products by highlighting the potential savings for customers. By meeting the required conditions and optimizing your product feeds, you can significantly increase the visibility and attractiveness of your promotional offers.

Updated on: 23/02/2024

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