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Presentation of Classic Shopping campaigns

Articles on : Google Ads

The classic Shopping campaign on Google is a campaign format that allows you to display your products on Google. It is an effective way to promote your products on your website.

With classic Google Shopping campaigns, your products will be displayed to users searching in the Google search engine:

Shopping tab in Google search (in some countries)

Google search, next to the results (in a separate area from the text ads) and Google Images

Google Search Network partner sites (if your campaign is configured to include these sites), not applicable to free listings

With classic Google shopping campaigns, you can set bids for your ads, as well as specific targets, specific products etc.

This type of campaign was the first type of campaign set up for the promotion of products on Google. Since then, Google has introduced another format called Performance Max which is more automated and promises better performance (recommended by Feedcast).

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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