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Presentation of Classic Shopping campaigns

Google Shopping campaigns provide a unique way for online stores to showcase their products directly in Google search results. Unlike traditional text ads, these campaigns display product images, titles, prices, and the store name to potential buyers, offering a more engaging shopping experience from the search page.

Where Shopping ads are displayed :

With standard Google Shopping campaigns, your products will be shown to users conducting searches on the Google search engine:

Google's "Shopping" tab (in certain countries)
Google Search, next to the results (in a separate area from text ads) and Google Images
Sites of Google's Search Network partners (if your campaign is set to include these sites), option not applicable to free listings
With standard Google Shopping campaigns, you can set bids for your ads, as well as specific targets, specific products, etc.

Setting up a standard Google Shopping campaign involves several crucial steps. Initially, businesses must create a Google Merchant Center account and upload their product data. This data feed is the backbone of Google Shopping, as it contains detailed information about the products you wish to advertise.

This type of campaign was the first type of campaign set up for the promotion of products on Google. Since then, Google has introduced another format called Performance Max which is more automated and promises better performance (recommended by Feedcast).

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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