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Where my ads are likely to be displayed on Google

When setting up campaigns through Feedcast, your ads may be displayed in different locations depending on the type of campaigns:

Google Free Listings:

When you set up a free listings campaign, your products are likely to be distributed for free in the Google Shopping tab of the Google search engine. Learn more about free listings

Here is a preview:

free listings

Performance Max Campaign:

Performance Max campaigns allow you to broadcast your ads in several formats on Google Shopping, Google Search, Google Images, YouTube, and other Google sites and applications. This type of campaigns will use automation to achieve your marketing objective. Therefore, you will have limited control over targeting options, especially regarding automated bidding management and the choice of targeted networks. Learn more about Performance Max campaigns

We recommend prioritizing this type of format especially for less experienced users.

Here are some previews:

annonces performance max 1

annonces performance max 2

Classic Shopping Campaign:

Unlike Performance Max campaigns, Classic Shopping campaigns offer you almost total control of your distribution but with a more limited reach as you only broadcast on Shopping locations on the Google search network. Learn more about Classic Shopping campaigns

Here is a preview:

shopping ads

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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