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Create or edit a Google Shopping Campaign

Create a Google Shopping Campaign

If you don't know how to create a campaign in Feedcast, visit our article about campaign creation!

Content of a Google Shopping Campaign in Feedcast

Let's review the different elements that make up a classic Google Shopping Campaign:

- Campaign Name: the name you want to give to your campaign
- Daily Budget: the amount that will be spent daily for the broadcasting of your campaign
- Bidding Strategy: the bidding strategy that will be used as a model for your campaign

Google Shopping Bidding Strategy: What is it?

There are 3 types of intelligent bidding strategies for a Google Shopping on Feedcast:

1 - Manual CPC Bidding

The manual CPC (Cost Per Click) bidding system is another strategic approach in Google Ads, offering more direct control over the costs of ads. Here is a detailed explanation of this strategy:

Direct Control: Unlike automatic bidding where Google adjusts the bids for you, manual CPC gives you full control over the amount you are willing to pay for each click on your ads.
Setting the Maximum CPC: You set a maximum cost per click for each ad group, known as the default bid.

If you do not have the resources or the necessary knowledge to manage bids manually, or if you prefer a less labor-intensive approach, the automatic bidding strategy like "Maximize Clicks" may be a more appropriate option. This strategy automatically adjusts your bids to get the maximum possible clicks within the limits of your budget.

2 - Maximize Clicks

The "Maximize Clicks" bidding strategy allows you to obtain the maximum possible clicks within the framework of their advertising budget. Here is an overview of this strategy and steps to configure it in your standard Shopping campaigns:

Objective: This strategy aims to increase the number of clicks on your ads. It is ideal if the main goal of your campaign is to generate traffic to your website.
Operation: Google Ads automatically adjusts your bids to help you get the most clicks possible, while staying within the limits of your budget.
Budget Control: You set a budget, and Google Ads strives to maximize clicks within this financial framework.

3 - Target ROAS

The Target ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) bidding strategy is an advanced method in Google Ads that allows you to optimize your advertising campaigns based on profitability. Here is a detailed overview of this strategy:

Objective: Maximize the conversion value (revenue generated) relative to a specific return on advertising spend that you set.
Operation: Google Ads uses algorithms to predict the potential value of each conversion and adjusts bids accordingly to achieve the target ROAS.

For example, if you set a target ROAS that Google Ads will try to achieve. For example, a 500% ROAS means that you aim for €5 in revenue for every €1 spent on advertising.

Targeting: Custom Labels
To learn more about targeting a campaign using custom labels, visit this article!

Targeting: Country and Language of Broadcast
You have the option to choose the country(ies) and language(s) of broadcast for your campaign.

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Updated on: 30/01/2024

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