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Create or connect an advertising account with Feedcast

How to Connect or Create an Advertising Account with Feedcast? 🚀

With Feedcast, we make it easy for you to set up different advertising channels. It's as easy as 1-2-3 😉

Google Ads

With Google Ads, you have two choices: you can either link an existing ads account, or outright create a brand-new account. If you create a brand-new account, you can even take advantage of our CSS offer (Comparateur de Prix sur les Sites de Shopping)! It's a win-win situation! 🎉

And for a step-by-step tutorial, we've got you covered, just check out this fresh article!

Meta Ads

For the big adventure with Meta (which includes Facebook and Instagram), you need to link one of your existing advertising accounts. Please note that this account must be linked to a Business Manager for everything to run smoothly! 🏢

We've also put together a handy tutorial for you, click here to view

Bing Ads

And here's the latest addition: Bing Ads! Click here for complete tutorial

Need a little help? Let's plan a time! 💬

Updated on: 14/02/2024

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