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Projects on Feedcast

What is a project in Feedcast? 📦

A project, in the world of Feedcast, is a collection of stores. In fact, we advise you to create a project for each domain name you have. It's a smart way to group your different stores, especially if you have activities in different countries and languages! 🌐

How to create or modify a project in Feedcast?

So here's how, as soon as you are logged in to your Feedcast account, you are automatically redirected to the "Projects" page. This is where all your stores are listed. If you are already logged in, you just need to click on the Manage my projects button in the "Stores" dropdown menu:

And voilà, you are on the projects page!

All you have to do now is click on the New project button, at the top right of the screen, or on the Edit button in the submenu of one of the projects:

And there you go, you can now create or modify one of your projects!
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How to move a store from one project to another?

If you wish to move a store from one project to another, this is entirely possible in Feedcast. You just need to drag and drop the store to the project of your choice!

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Updated on: 08/02/2024

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