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Presentation of the FeedScore

What is FeedScore? 📊

The FeedScore is like the grade you get for your product feed, but instead of a simple A or B, it gives you a score out of 10 to evaluate the quality of your product catalog. 🌟

Remember: your feed, it's the foundation of your whole game. It contains all the crucial data about your products: title, price, GTIN, and much more. This information is absolutely essential, as it is combed through by the various advertising channels to ensure optimal delivery.

So the performance of your ads depends directly on the quality of all this data in your feed.

We've created FeedScore to give you a clear assessment of the state of your catalog.

How is FeedScore calculated? 🧮

FeedScore is based on a simple principle: it takes the number of products without major errors and divides it by the total number of products in your catalog.
A product with a serious error that prevents it from being distributed will lower your score, while a product with minor errors or alerts will have less impact.

Why optimize your FeedScore and how to achieve it? 🚀

By improving your FeedScore, you increase your visibility and effectiveness on advertising platforms. By correcting errors and refining your product sheets, you provide more relevant data to distribution platforms, enabling you to distribute better and therefore increase your chances of generating qualified traffic and sales.

To improve your score, follow our tips and adjust your product sheets

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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