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Overview of the product feed

What is the "Catalogue Status" of my products? 🧐

The Catalogue Status page is your best friend for keeping an eye on the health of your product catalog at a glance! 🛒

Once you have connected your product feed to Feedcast, this page will display the approval status of your products.

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How to access the Overview?

Accessing the Overview is a piece of cake! 🎮

Log in to the Feedcast app
Choose the shop you want to explore
In the left menu, click on Catalogue Status

The legend for product validation status

In your Feedcast account, the legend is designed to help you quickly understand the validation status of your products. Here's what each color means:

Errors (Red) : These are blocking elements that prevent product distribution. It's imperative to resolve them to proceed further.

Warnings (Orange) : These elements indicate aspects of the product that need to be modified or optimized. While the product may be distributable, it's recommended to address them to enhance overall quality.

Pending (Blue) : Products with this status are currently under validation. This means the team is in the process of checking their compliance and functionality. Please wait until the validation process is completed.

Success (Green): Nothing to report! This status indicates that the product has successfully passed all validations and is ready to be distributed without any issues.

As a reminder, correcting and optimizing product errors will enable you to have more validated and optimized products, which will ensure better distribution and therefore better performance for your advertising campaigns.

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Updated on: 15/03/2024

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