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Custom labels - Attach a label to a campaign

How to use your labels in a Google campaign with Feedcast 🏷️

If you were on your Google Ads interface, it would take a little time to explain how to proceed, whether for Max Performance or Google Shopping. But don't worry, you're at Feedcast! 😊

Before you can use a label in a campaign, make sure you have created the label first. Check out this article if you need help!

Feedcast has made this whole process simple for you! We have created a unique component that will make your life much easier:

Segment campaign

How do I segment my Google campaign with Feedcast?

When you click on the Only those in my selection selector, you access a sub-component composed of two parts:

A group of buttons defining the options selectable in the selector just below.
A multiple selector that allows you to combine multiple values.

Segment campaign #2

And as you are paying attention, you have surely noticed the References, Brands and Product type buttons. Indeed, in addition to labels, Feedcast allows you to directly segment your Google campaigns using these options! Feedcast automatically searches your product catalog for the different options available. 🔍

But that's not all! 👀

Include or exclude your labeled products

You have the option to choose Include or Exclude your selection of labels from the current campaign. This is super useful if you want to broadcast on all your products, except a particular selection!

Don't forget to check your label settings before activating it. A poorly configured campaign can cause your ads to not appear.

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Updated on: 09/02/2024

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