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Explanation of product approval status on Google

Articles on : Tools and features

Here is the meaning of the different approval states presented in the product overview on Feedcast:

- Validated Products: These are the products that are validated by Google, eligible for distribution and have no errors.
- Products with Warnings: These are products validated by Google, eligible for broadcasting but with some errors (product recommendations, broadcast alerts, missing information...)
- Pending Products: These are products that are in the process of being validated by Google and therefore not eligible for distribution.
- Rejected products: These are products rejected by Google because they do not comply with the rules (Google rules, missing information...). Learn more about the reasons for suspensions on Google Merchant Center

You can also find more details on product errors in the Product List tab (detailed error per product) and a general view in the Optimization tab.

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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