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How to change or update my Google product categories

Articles on : Tools and features

In this article, we explain how to add or modify Google product categories in Feedcast.

Here is how to proceed:

1- Log into your Feedcast account

2- Select your project

3- Click on the left menu "Products".

4- You can modify the categories in several ways:

By using the multi-selector in products in the tab "Product list" and then click on "Multiple editing" and search for the category corresponding to the selected products and click on "Save".

You can also go to the "Optimisation" tab of the same menu then go down to the "Categories" table and in the same way as the previous method you can edit the category corresponding to your site and associate it with the corresponding Google category.

To change your categories from the product file:

1- Enter the product's file

2- Notice the Category section. The white box is editable, the grey box will be updated after editing and refreshing your product feed daily

3- Click on the white box of the Category section and proceed as explained in the first part of the article to modify it.

If you do not find any category corresponding to that of your site or your products, we advise you to fill in the category closest to it.

Updated on: 10/02/2023

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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