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How to connect a Meta account (Facebook, Instagram...)?

Quick introduction to Meta ?

Meta allows you to display your ads and showcase your products across networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger etc.Meta Ads offers robust, targeted advertising solutions for businesses operating in the e-commerce space.

Precise Targeting: Meta Ads enables e-merchants to target specific audiences based on demographic, behavioral and interest criteria. This includes aspects such as age, location, shopping habits and personal interests, which is crucial for reaching the customers most likely to be interested in their products.

Various Advertising Formats: Advertisers can use a variety of formats, such as carousel ads which are ideal for showing multiple products, dynamic ads to target users with products they've already viewed, and in-store ads to showcase products directly in users' feeds.

How to connect a Meta account to Feedcast

Login to your Feedcast account

Select the store of your choice.

After connecting your product catalog, go to the Configuration tab.

Click on "Activate" the Meta channel and follow the steps.

Please note: to connect your Meta account, you must have a Business Manager account with your advertising account, your Facebook page and your integrated pixel (to ensure optimal tracking of your performance).

Don't have a Meta advertising account yet?

Find out how to create a Business Manager

Find out how to create a page on Facebook and Instagram

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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