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Presentation of the performance overview

Overview of your Performance 📈

Once you've completed all the setup steps and launched your first campaign, it's time to dive into the Advertising page overview! This view gives you a complete overview of the performance of your advertising campaigns:

Overview of Performance

This view includes:

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

At the top of the page, you will find 5 main key performance indicators (KPIs), all of which depend on the time period you have selected:
Impressions – the number of impressions made
Clicks – the number of clicks on your ads
Expenses – the amount of your advertising budget spent
Sales – the number of sales made
Turnover – the turnover generated

Performance Graph

The performance graph allows you to select and compare two of these metrics against each other. You can therefore compare, for example, the impact of an increase or reduction in your expenses on the number of clicks or sales.

Catalog Status

The Catalog Status component is a callback to the Products page. It allows you to quickly see the number of active, pending, warning or blocked products.

Device Distribution

As the name suggests, this component gives you a percentage breakdown of devices users use to view your products!

Connected Levers

The Connected Levers table displays the budget as well as the turnover achieved on each lever, cumulating all your campaigns.

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Updated on: 09/02/2024

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