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Validate your products on free listings with Feedcast

Articles on : Tools and Features

Free listings on Google allow you to get free listings on your products in the Google Shopping tab below the sponsored results. Learn more about Google Shopping free listings

To activate the free listings on Feedcast, here is how to proceed:

1- Register for free on Feedcast

2- Create a project and add a product catalogue

3- Connect or create a Google Ads account
For catalogues in France, Belgium and Switzerland, a Merchant Center account will be automatically created for the Feedcast CSS.

For other countries, a Merchant Center account will also be created and it will have to be claimed (if you already have a Merchant Center account, you can skip this step).

4- Validate the information required in the Merchant Center created
You will find in this article the elements to check before proceeding with the revision of your product catalogue on Google.

You can validate the information directly from your Feedcast account:

Advertisements > Connected accounts > Select your Merchant account > Merchant Center information

Updated on: 09/02/2023

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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