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How to modify the products in my catalog

Articles on : Tools and features

In this article, we explain how to view and edit your products in Feedcast.

Here is how to proceed:

1- Log in to your Feedcast account

2- Select your project

3- Click on the left menu "Products".

4- Go to the tab "Product list" and click on the edit icon on the desired product

Editing products will allow you to add missing information to the data sent to Google (missing GTIN (EAN), missing or inappropriate category, brand...) but also to rework the titles and descriptions of your products in order to optimize your distribution whether on Google Free Listing, Google Shopping... The modifications of the products on Feedcast do not impact in any way the product pages of your website.

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Updated on : 27/01/2023

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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