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Presentation of product attributes and how to modify them

To excel on Google Shopping and other advertising networks, e-retailers must carefully craft their product listings.

In Feedcast, you can enrich your product listings by providing more information to advertising platforms. Google and certain other advertising networks use this data to ensure that they are matched to the right queries.

To do this, it's simple:

Log in to your Feedcast account
Select your store
Go to the left menu "Product List"
You just have to select the product listings of your choice to edit by selecting the edit icon.

Several pieces of information about your products can be added if missing. Among these pieces of information are mandatory attributes and optional attributes.

Mandatory Attributes

These are the minimum required pieces of information for the product to be listed on the platform. These attributes are essential to ensure that the product can be properly indexed and found by users. They typically include:

Title: This is the first element seen by customers. It should be clear, descriptive, and contain important keywords. Learn more about how to optimize titles and descriptions
Link: The URL of the product page on your site is essential for directing potential customers.
Image Link: High-quality images are crucial for showcasing your products. Ensure the link directs to an image faithful to the product.
Brand: It aids in brand recognition and can influence purchasing decisions.
Category: Proper categorization is essential for appearing in relevant search results.
Price: Indicating the price of the product is mandatory to inform customers and aid in their purchasing decision.
Availability: Indicating whether the product is in stock or out of stock is crucial for customer expectations.
Condition: Specify whether the product is new, refurbished, or used.

Optional Attributes

These are additional pieces of information that, while not required, can enhance the visibility and attractiveness of the product. They help provide richer context and can influence consumer purchasing decisions. These attributes include:

Description: This is an optional but highly recommended attribute. Provide a detailed and accurate description of the product, including its features and key benefits. Learn more about how to optimize titles and descriptions
Discounted Price: Highlighting a discounted price can attract price-sensitive buyers.
GTIN: GTIN is an international numerical identifier used to identify a specific item in global commerce. Learn more in our dedicated article
MPN: MPN is a unique identifier assigned by the manufacturer to a product.
Color: For products where color is a significant decision factor, this detail can be pivotal.
Material: Describing what the product is made of can influence consumer perception and decision-making.
Gender: Important for fashion and personal care items, indicating the target gender can refine search relevance.
Age Group: Particularly relevant for products intended for specific age groups, such as toys or clothing.
Weight: This can be essential for shipping considerations and for customers with specific weight-related needs.
Adult Products: Indicate if the product is intended for adults, affecting its display in search results.

By strategically enhancing product listings with these attributes, e-retailers can significantly improve their visibility on Google Shopping and other advertising networks, leading to increased reach and sales.

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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